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   Guangzhou Longhui Trade Co, LTD was founded in 2003. Through the joint efforts of all our staff and the support of our customers, we have been developing rapidly since our establishment. We have been working closely with the well know German company, BASF inc, and together we have been providing long term quality chemicals, stable raw materials and high quality technical services both at home and abroad. 
   Our company is committed to providing the highest quality detergents, Metalworking fluid, cosmetics, electronic chemicals and other raw materials for domestic and foreign use. We provide Technical consultation and updates on the latest market analysis, as well as perfect after sale service. We adhere to professionalism, integrity and quality. Our goal is to create long term partnerships that are mutually beneficial.
   Integrity : We promise that all products are from formal channels, free from any menace from the rear.
   Specialty : long term cooperation with well know chemical institutions, composed of a professional team to serve you.
   Quality : Long term cooperation with well know international chemical enterprises, providing quality products.